The beginning of a new year (or fiscal year) is a great time for entrepreneurs to take a look at what they’ve accomplished over the last 365 days and set new goals for their business. I’m no exception, and as I’ve done the past few years, I wanted to look back at my resolutions from 2021 to see how I progressed. I also wanted to put my intentions for this year in writing to help hold myself accountable.

Without further ado, here are my new year jewelry business resolution recaps from 2021, and my goals for 2022.

2021 Resolutions

More (and different) metal offerings – accomplished (ish)

If I’m being fully transparent, I forgot I even set this resolution. However, I think I’ve been able to diversify my offerings beyond the standard gold and silver metal offerings. Further, I’ve started creating designs that incorporate both silver and gold together, which feels like it matches this goal. I’ll mark this as a win.

Finding Another Store – not accomplished even a little

I had hoped this would be an easy win but unfortunately, I didn’t diversify my store offering in 2021. I’m giving myself a pass and will revisit this goal for 2022. Read more below.

Add More Popup Markets – accomplished

I think I did a great job finding locations to pop up for one-day markets and I saw great success with this strategy. Expect to see more of these in 2022.

Diversity for All Ages – accomplished

I had so much fun creating jewelry for kids in 2021, and this was some of my most popular work. I anticipate continuing to release shorter lengths that are perfect for younger kids in 2022 and plan to incorporate these as part of my seasonal collections.

Be Nimble – accomplished

This goal was a bit of a gimme, but I wanted to remind myself to go with the flow. If 2021 taught me anything, it’s this lesson. Being nimble is important and making sure I can roll with the punches and not stress too much is one thing I excelled with last year.

2022 new year jewelry business resolutions

Crack $5K in sales

While it may not seem like a lot, this is a big goal for me. As I was totaling my sales for 2021, I realized I was $500 shy of $5,000 in total revenue. Instead of simply sticking with an easy revenue number, in 2022 I’d love to bring in $6,000 in total sales.

Find two new stores to host my jewelry

At the end of 2021, I said goodbye to Dandelions & Rust as a host store for my jewelry. While I still fully intend to show up at their pop-up markets when they work in my schedule, this leaves me with a desire to find a few new stores to host my jewelry. I’ll share more as I diversify my locations.

Finish six new collections

Last year I didn’t get into my studio nearly as much as I had hoped. So in 2022, expect to see more collections released. In addition to my now annual spring and fall jewelry releases, I have a few other themes and motifs up my sleeves that I’m excited to begin exploring this year.

Finish 10 new metalsmithing projects

When I was in Tucson in 2020 I picked up several stones to create more metalsmith designs. In 2021, that simply didn’t happen. So I’m starting off with a larger goal and will challenge myself to incorporate more metalwork into my annual collections.

Jewelry Business Resolutions for 2022

A lot of people had high hopes for 2021, and it felt like a lot of what we had been dealing with in 2020. 2022 has some big shoes to fill, but I’m excited to see what the year ahead brings.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written on this topic. If you’d like to look back at several years of new year jewelry business resolutions, you can track my business resolutions from
2018, 2019, 2020, and most recently from 2021.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash.

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