Whether we like it or not, as jewelry business owners it’s time to start planning for the holiday season. While the top two priorities may be making sure our inventory is up to snuff and getting our markets scheduled, ensuring that the holiday marketing strategy is in line is also crucial. Since many jewelry businesses rely on social media, I wanted to highlight four different holiday social media tips that can help your small business stand out for all the right reasons

Create a holiday calendar

Any good jewelry business knows how important planning ahead is. We already do this with our markets, scheduling these in the spring and summer months. Make sure that you’re also planning ahead with your social media strategy.

From September to December we celebrate the start of two different seasons, there are four major holidays, and there are several different marketing holidays that have become top of mind for consumers. Making sure that you’re getting the timing right for all of this can feel hard, but this helpful article from Social Media Examiner includes a variety of helpful tips, including a great timeline for when you can start promoting different holiday topics.

Create a festive look

All jewelry designers know how important imagery is to sell our products. And as the season’s change and holidays come and go, incorporate some of the symbols into your imagery for different posts to resonate with your followers. Beyond the individual posts you craft, this article suggests changing your profile image and cover image to truly maximize the different holidays. This is a great way to ensure consistency across accounts and maximize any promotions you may plan.

Integrate holiday hashtags

Hashtags are great tools for helping grow your audience. If you use Instagram for your jewelry business, make sure you’re integrating additional holiday hashtags into each of your posts. This is a great way to help grow your audience, make sure your posts are showing up in certain searches, and help you festively celebrate the holiday season.

Be authentic

It can be easy to get swept away during the holiday season and focus on pushing our designs and trying to sell products. But ultimately, one of the best ways that jewelry businesses can stand out during the busy holiday season is to stay true to their brand voice and be authentic. Don’t shove away the strategy you use during the rest of the year for a quick sale. Be authentic, and engage with your audience for the right reasons.

Holiday social media tips

Hopefully, these holiday social media tips will help your jewelry business prepare for the upcoming holiday season and stand out for all the right reasons. What is one tip that you plan to use in your holiday marketing this year? Share below in the comments!

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