Each season, Etsy publishes a seasonal fall trend report that can be used to prepare makers for the upcoming season. With things reopening, there is a lot of anticipation around celebrating all the fall season has to offer, these insights may be more valuable this year. Here are six 2022 fall shopping trends I found inspiring for my jewelry business.

Incorporate color

According to the report, vibrant colors don’t stop with the end of summer. So, making sure that vibrant colors are part of your designs is key to appealing to buyers.

Make Halloween modern

Similar to the point above, swap out traditional orange for more modern hues. I’d add to this by adding in fun alternates to black, purple, and even green to give all the traditional colors a modern facelift.

Channel nature

Whether it’s adding natural elements to your Halloween-inspired designs, or designing with more brown and earthy hues, nature is a large Autumn theme.

Chokers make a comeback

This fall, less well-known accessories are competing with staples for popularity. The choker is one such item gaining popularity. With the rise of 90s trends over the last few years, it’s no surprise that the choker is this season’s hottest accessory.

Stacking rings and bracelets

When it comes to the fall 2022 shopping trends for rings and bracelets, one simply isn’t enough. Instead, create multiple designs that stack well. For rings, this can mean a few different styles that fit together on one finger. For bracelets, incorporate different mediums for a look that works well with watches already worn daily. Design using wood, gemstones, and metals to create bracelets fit for the season.

Bling is in

The holiday season always calls for extra sparkle, but analysts are expecting this trend to take off in the fall. Begin embracing the bling with your jewelry designs to capture these early searches during the fall.

Fall 2022 shopping trends

Stay on trend with the 2022 fall shopping trends. What trends are you excited to embrace this fall season? Share your favorites below in the comments!

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