It’s that time of the year again; time to begin shifting designs towards the fall to create professional jewelry for trend-setting customers. And the easiest way to transition designs is to look at the 2021 Fall Pantone color list. Without further ado, here are a few colors I found inspirational to my jewelry designs, so inspirational, I incorporated three of them into my Autumnal Bliss Volume III jewelry collection.

2021 fall pantone inspired jewelry

Mykonos Blue

There is something about a deep blue that works with every season. When you consider the 2021 fall Pantone colors, Mykonos Blue is that hue. The rich blue color balances perfectly with copper, gold, and bronze, colors that are my go-tos for the fall season.

If you are in love with this hue as much as I am, the Mykonos Blue Star Earrings and Mykonos Blue Tassel Necklace were designed with this vibrant color in mind. Pairing this rich color with bronze or gold makes for a rich handmade jewelry design that fits well in any office. Shop these looks in my < a href=”″ target=”_blank”>online shop now.

Fire Whirl

Fire Whirl is a vibrant red color that has a dynamic presence wherever it’s used. I incorporated this color with rich bronze filigree accents, creating designs that are well-balanced and match perfectly for a day in the office or an evening out.

Stand out in a crowd with the Fire Whirl Filigree Necklace, Fire Whirl Leaf Earrings, and Filigree Fire Whirl Earrings. Not only are these unique handcrafted jewelry designs perfect for the vibrantly colored fall, but they work well for the quickly approaching holiday season. Shop these designs in my < a href=”″ target=”_blank”>online shop now!

Pale Rosette

Pale Rosette is reminiscent of rose gold. Rose gold was a huge jewelry trend a few years ago, and with good reason. This metal may seem understated compared to traditional gold, but it pairs so perfectly with reds, blues, blacks, really any color at all. The Pale Rosette Arrow Necklace is a romantic hue that will pair well with other longer looks, or can be worn alone to make a bold statement. Shop this necklace in my < a href=”″ target=”_blank”>online shop.

2021 Fall Pantone Hues

Mykonos Blue, Pale Rosette, and Fire Whirl are the three colors that inspired me the most of the ten listed colors from Pantone. Shop the fashionable jewelry designs that incorporate these colors today available in my Autumnal Bliss Volume III jewelry collection.

If you’re interested in reading about past Fall Pantone colors that have inspired me, check out my previous posts 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017.

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